Wisconsin Deer Hunters serving as food providers for those in need.  

Hunt for the Hungry

Thank you for your interest and support for the program that…
  • Helps feed thousands of low income families in Northeast Wisconsin.
  • Promotes responsible deer management and deer hunting motivations and opportunities.
  • Reduces the waste of venison and other frozen wild game, birds, and fish.
  • Displays and teaches generosity, good values, and hunting ethics while discovering the many blessings of hunting as a food provider for others less fortunate.
  • Provides a NO COST outlet for deer with an easy donation process for the deer hunter.

How To Donate Your Deer AT NO COST TO YOU!

Follow these instructions to donate your deer:

All adult deer must be tested for CWD depending on county of harvestClick here for information

Click here to find a testing location near you 

The donated deer must be properly field dressed, cleaned, and registered before we can accept the deer as a donation to the program. Handle the deer as if you are going to provide it for your own family.

If the temperature is above 40 degrees at the time you harvest the deer you plan to donate, please put two bags of ice in “each” deer carcass, one in the chest cavity and another between the hind quarters. This will help preserve the venison until you can drop it off.

Drop the whole deer off in the hide, at Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay. Please call ahead at 920-433-0343 or 920-604-0787

Fill out the short donation log form so we have a record of your donation.


If you have frozen packaged wild game from previous hunts, we will accept that meat in good condition, all year long. The meat must be frozen and in good shape. Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay is the drop off site for any packaged wild game meat including venison.

Please tell other deer hunters of this great opportunity to help those in our community that are less fortunate! 

After donating a deer to Paul’s Pantry you are eligible to enter into

Please use your extra tags, and donate a deer to help a family in need! There is no cost to donate!


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