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How do I qualify for food assistance?

Every household must go through an interview process to establish eligibility for assistance.


  • Photo ID – Drivers license, state issued identification card, passport, school picture ID, resident alien ID card/I-94 card
  • Proof of Brown County address – Utility bill, current lease, mortgage statement, cable/satellite bill. All proof of address MUST be current.
  • Proof of ALL household income – Wages from a job (pay-stubs), child/spousal or family support and alimony, food share, housing assistance, unemployment or worker’s compensation, tribal income, social security and SSI, pension, interests, and dividends.
  • Personal information for all members of your household (Identification, birthdates)

Please call 433-0343 if you have questions regarding eligibility.  
Please do not email questions about eligibility.

Each day Paul’s Pantry distributes over thirty different perishable fruits and vegetables, usually five types of dairy products, fresh and frozen meats, and various types of bakery.

In addition there are many non-perishable food items such as cereal, soups, macaroni & cheese, canned meats & stews, canned vegetables and fruit.

Paul’s Pantry also distributes many fresh purchased foods such as milk, eggs, chicken, hamburger, peanut butter, margarine etc.

Toilet tissue is distributed WHEN AVAILABLE and other personal hygiene items such as soap and shampoo are available daily.

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